• Does Your Elevator Pitch…

    Put your clients to sleep?

  • Do You Stand Out From the Crowd…

    Do You Stand Out From the Crowd…

    Or blend in with the herd?

Elevator Pitch Coaching

Do you speak with confidence when answering “What do you do?” Or do you stumble through your words, leaving the listener confused, bored and uninspired? If you are tired of losing potential clients it’s time for the Elevator Pitch Doctor. Through one-on-one coaching, I connect you to your passion and purpose, so you speak in a way that engages clients and makes you memorable long after the conversation has ended. Contact

Public Speaking Coaching

Today’s best leaders are also exceptional speakers. Are you one of them? Unfortunately too many people still struggle with their own fears when it comes to standing in front of an audience and sharing their story.  Isn’t it time to push past your fear and embrace your authentic power? Working together I bring out the speaker that already exists inside you, finding your unique voice and teaching you to tap into your full potential. Contact

Writing and Content Creation

We are always telling a story. The question is “What story are you telling?” From websites to blog posts, Facebook to Elevator Pitches, everything you say, write and do is a reflection of your brand and part of the story you tell. What does your brand stand for? Is everything in alignment with this vision? Everything we write starts with an understanding of your brand to reflect your image in all we create. Contact